Sequential Circus is very much a community-driven event – we could not do this without the participation of dozens of artists, designers, volunteers and contributors of all kinds.

Electronic Musicians

sc16_luke-68The most common request we see is “How do I get to perform live electronic music at Sequential Circus??”. Our crew carefully selects the lineup from our own experiences (ie acts we’ve seen perform elsewhere), and from the demo packages we receive at

Please send us a demo! When we review demo packages we’re specifically looking for acts that include a large element of “liveness” to their performance, though the definition of that is left to the performers. We especially like it when an applicant includes a link to a recording of a recent live set, a brief writeup of their musical style and performance methods, and links to photos or videos.

Now, if you’re a live performer but you don’t actually have any prior stage experience, please be aware that we book one act per show who has never actually played before a live audience before. In the electronic music world, it is very common for someone to be working on their act for many years but never actually book a show – we like to be the show that “breaks” those new artists. The opening slot at every Sequential Circus is always given to a newbie.

Lastly, you should be aware that Sequential Circus is operated entirely as a profit-share – this means that all profits are shared between the artists and the staff, with the artists taking 48% of the total profits (8% per act). We operate very close to the line in terms of budget (opting to spend our money on a great venue and sound system, creating a better party instead of trying to make a lot of money), so in the past this has meant that artists take home anywhere from $350 down to $0. We have had artists from all over North America make the journey to perform for us, but we do not have the budget to pay for airfare or hotels, so if you’d like to be considered please be aware that we’re happy to book out-of-town acts but we do not cover travel costs!



Sequential Circus could not occur without the assistance of our volunteer staff – most of the volunteer roles involve doing a shift or two at the front door during the show, or running errands during setup. We are also working to develop a ‘street team’ to help with promotions leading up to the show. All volunteer matters go through our volunteer coordinator, who can be reached at

Other Contributors

Do you have an idea for a one-off interactive sound, visual or media-related art or technology installation piece? We’re interested! Email us at¬†with details.