SeqCirc 11-6 • Vincent Parker

sequential circus podcastHailing from the bass-drenched streets of East Vancouver, Vincent Parker has created his own instantly recognizable style. His live blissed-out psych/power/bass/rhythms are steeped in the omnipresent psychedelic mist of the Pacific Northwest.

Parker thrives in live performance and is well known to west-coast audiences for his live shows, featuring sweat, singing, stage moves, dancing, crowd interaction and the occasional lost shirt. In short – Parker brings it live.

Parker uses a streamlined live-pa setup consisting of a laptop running FL Studio, multiple Korg Kaoss Pads, an Akai MPD-32 controller and his voice. His released material consists solely of live recordings.

STYLE: Bass/Dance
HOME CITY: Vancouver


SeqCirc 11-5 • MUX

sequential circus podcastTaking a break from his open-ended sailing expedition, MUX is visiting from Mexico with his resurrected live rig. Expect classic techno beats, driving baselines, screaming acid leads and irreverent samples; grinning, shameless, unabashed rave music for troubled times.

STYLE: Rave Techno
HOME CITY: Technomadic


SeqCirc 11-4 • Dark Arps

sequential circus podcastDynamic, emotively powerful, deep and progressive, Dark Arps builds contrasting vibes of tension and optimism with crescendos of visceral energy in his live shows.

A blend of broken beat and techno underpins dark, razor-sharp melodies and progressive hooks and basslines, delivering a sound that is simultaneously ominous and uplifting, reflecting the disturbing turbulence of our time.

Combined with future-gothic, tempo-synced, electro-luminescent costume design from Vancouver artists Krista Lomax and Luke Detheridge, the Dark Arps experience is a collaborative, artistic, audio-visual spectacle, not to be missed.

STYLE: Breaks/Techno
HOME CITY: London/Vancouver


SeqCirc 11-3 • Tarekith

sequential circus podcastTarekith’s music is a journey into the flowing ether worlds of sound. Mixing a dedicated love of live electronic music and an acute production prowess, his music pushes the boundaries of what people think of when they talk about downtempo music. Expect a heady brew of swirling sound, thick spatial textures, and deep rhythms.

STYLE: Chill Tech
HOME CITY: Seattle