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The Sequential Circus Podcast is the published collection of recordings of the sets performed at Sequential Circus. New sets will be posted as the shows occur.

SeqCirc 11-6 • Vincent Parker

sequential circus podcastHailing from the bass-drenched streets of East Vancouver, Vincent Parker has created his own instantly recognizable style. His live blissed-out psych/power/bass/rhythms are steeped in the omnipresent psychedelic mist of the Pacific Northwest.

Parker thrives in live performance and is well known to west-coast audiences for his live shows, featuring sweat, singing, stage moves, dancing, crowd interaction and the occasional lost shirt. In short – Parker brings it live.

Parker uses a streamlined live-pa setup consisting of a laptop running FL Studio, multiple Korg Kaoss Pads, an Akai MPD-32 controller and his voice. His released material consists solely of live recordings.

STYLE: Bass/Dance
HOME CITY: Vancouver


SeqCirc 11-5 • MUX

sequential circus podcastTaking a break from his open-ended sailing expedition, MUX is visiting from Mexico with his resurrected live rig. Expect classic techno beats, driving baselines, screaming acid leads and irreverent samples; grinning, shameless, unabashed rave music for troubled times.

STYLE: Rave Techno
HOME CITY: Technomadic


SeqCirc 11-4 • Dark Arps

sequential circus podcastDynamic, emotively powerful, deep and progressive, Dark Arps builds contrasting vibes of tension and optimism with crescendos of visceral energy in his live shows.

A blend of broken beat and techno underpins dark, razor-sharp melodies and progressive hooks and basslines, delivering a sound that is simultaneously ominous and uplifting, reflecting the disturbing turbulence of our time.

Combined with future-gothic, tempo-synced, electro-luminescent costume design from Vancouver artists Krista Lomax and Luke Detheridge, the Dark Arps experience is a collaborative, artistic, audio-visual spectacle, not to be missed.

STYLE: Breaks/Techno
HOME CITY: London/Vancouver


SeqCirc 11-3 • Tarekith

sequential circus podcastTarekith’s music is a journey into the flowing ether worlds of sound. Mixing a dedicated love of live electronic music and an acute production prowess, his music pushes the boundaries of what people think of when they talk about downtempo music. Expect a heady brew of swirling sound, thick spatial textures, and deep rhythms.

STYLE: Chill Tech
HOME CITY: Seattle


SeqCirc 11-2 • PhonoTactic

sequential circus podcastByron Fredrick (aka PhonoTactic) is a musician/producer whose projects to date have taken him over a wide musical landscape including Reggae, Soca, Rock, Funk, and Electronic.

In 2002, Fredrick committed to becoming more involved in production blending the styles he grew up playing with electronic beats and textures. With one foot in old world techniques and the other in the new, his productions explore the musical terrains of Dub infused Down-tempo and Deep/Tech-House.

At performances, audiences can expect a mixed tempo set starting deeply dubbed out gradually reaching a tech house destination. Expect both broken and 4 on the floor beats, a Rhodes lick here, a TB 303 groove there, bass… lots of bass… with deep pads from Operator’s soundbank to bridge the gap between the old school and the new. All the while channeling his inner Lee “Scratch” Perry riding feedback loops created by delay upon delay.

STYLE: Downtempo/Dub, Deep Tech House
HOME CITY: Calgary


SeqCirc 11-1 • Scott Riesterer

sequential circus podcastScott Michael Francis Riesterer is a Sound Designer from Vancouver, Canada. He has contributed his audio skills to documentaries, short films, video games, and the Chevrolet Volt. Musically he dabbles in House, Breaks, Techno, Tech-House, Progressive, and Down-Tempo. His latest project, Sonidos De Cuba is an ambitious album built upon field recordings from his travels in Cuba.

Scott will be debuting Sonidos De Cuba, a soundscape-driven house and breaks journey, live at Sequential Circus. His recordings of Havana and Vinales have been warped, edited, mangled and layered with synthesizers, drum machines, percussion and brass.

STYLE: Progressive House/Breaks
HOME CITY: Vancouver


SeqCirc 10-6 • Max Ulis

Sequential Circus 10 PodcastA DJ going on 13 years, Max Ulis was first inspired by the sounds of house, trip hop, and early drum and bass. With the formation of Vancouver’s Lighta! Sound and the success of New Form’s Dubforms parties headed by Malcolm Levy and Michael Red, Max gained ground as one of North America’s first dubstep DJs. Over the past two years Max has shifted his focus away from dubstep, coming full circle with his music to reintroduce elements of his first loves, house and techno.

Max’s music has been played by notable performers such as Addison Groove, XI, Joe Nice, Starkey, Breakage and Stereotyp and he has shared the stage
with a who’s who of contemporary dance music. Artists such as DJ Krush, Skream, Benga, Hatcha, The Bug, Breakage, XI, DJG, DJ Vadim, The Mad
Professor, Salva, Eprom, Remarc, Calibre, Falty DL, Machinedrum, Joker, Caspa, Julio Bashmore, and Roska to name a few.

To quote Resident Advisor’s Andrew Ryce, “Max Ulis’ increasingly diverse output could hardly be described with any one term, but it’s all united by an extremely spare and dry aesthetic. Stripped back, pitch black, and stark, he strikes an enviable balance meshing the dark with the dance floor.”

STYLE: Minimal
HOME CITY: Vancouver, BC


SeqCirc 10-5 • Villain

Sequential Circus 10 PodcastAfter playing the 6th installment of Sequential Circus, xfive is back under his alter-ego, Villain. Revelers of the groundbreaking series of shows will hear live versions of the upcoming debut album on Singularity, as well as brand new creations. Dark, moody, twisted, genre bending grooves will be encompassing the sound of the evening.

STYLE: Techno
HOME CITY: Los Angeles, CA


SeqCirc 10-4 • 0CO

Sequential Circus 10 PodcastWith over two decades of performance experience on a variety of instrumentation, Salvatore Sferrazza’s latest compulsion for synths with beats sees him producing under the cryptic pseudonym 0CO.  Melding influences that chronicle the history of electronic music, 0CO’s oeuvre maintains orbit around a barycenter of Techno, Electro Bass, Acid, Italo-disco, Berlin School and Freestyle.

While the sounds exhibit a severe fixation on synthetic rhythms, sinister melodies find ample opportunity for infiltration.  Dark, double-helix synth passages betray an intellect seldom portrayed in much of the 21st century’s dancefloor fodder.

Further distinctions are found in 0CO’s applied matériel.  Live electronics are manufactured exclusively with hardware kit: DCO polys, VCO monos, PCM ROMplers and a small modular are deployed for violent sonic disintegration campaigns upon nocturnal subterraneans.

Chaos awaits.

STYLE: Techno / Acid / Electro Bass
HOME CITY: New York City, NY


SeqCirc 10-3 • The Automatic Message

Sequential Circus 10 PodcastThe Automatic Message is Trevor Jacobson and Tanya Goehring. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and have been working together since 2007, creating music, performing live audiovisual sets and producing music videos. Their music ranges from hard, dark techno to jazz-influenced minimal and experimental electronic. Their video work exemplifies their interest in ideas that hover on the edge of normalcy, darkness and surreality.

The Automatic Message is currently working with the labels: From 0-1, Machine Box, CLR, Kalimari Musique, Monsieur Musique, Bleepsequence and are part of Berlin’s UNOIKI collective.

STYLE: Techno, Minimal, Experimental
HOME CITY: Vancouver, BC