SeqCirc 11-2 • PhonoTactic

sequential circus podcastByron Fredrick (aka PhonoTactic) is a musician/producer whose projects to date have taken him over a wide musical landscape including Reggae, Soca, Rock, Funk, and Electronic.

In 2002, Fredrick committed to becoming more involved in production blending the styles he grew up playing with electronic beats and textures. With one foot in old world techniques and the other in the new, his productions explore the musical terrains of Dub infused Down-tempo and Deep/Tech-House.

At performances, audiences can expect a mixed tempo set starting deeply dubbed out gradually reaching a tech house destination. Expect both broken and 4 on the floor beats, a Rhodes lick here, a TB 303 groove there, bass… lots of bass… with deep pads from Operator’s soundbank to bridge the gap between the old school and the new. All the while channeling his inner Lee “Scratch” Perry riding feedback loops created by delay upon delay.

STYLE: Downtempo/Dub, Deep Tech House
HOME CITY: Calgary


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