SeqCirc 10-4 • 0CO

Sequential Circus 10 PodcastWith over two decades of performance experience on a variety of instrumentation, Salvatore Sferrazza’s latest compulsion for synths with beats sees him producing under the cryptic pseudonym 0CO.  Melding influences that chronicle the history of electronic music, 0CO’s oeuvre maintains orbit around a barycenter of Techno, Electro Bass, Acid, Italo-disco, Berlin School and Freestyle.

While the sounds exhibit a severe fixation on synthetic rhythms, sinister melodies find ample opportunity for infiltration.  Dark, double-helix synth passages betray an intellect seldom portrayed in much of the 21st century’s dancefloor fodder.

Further distinctions are found in 0CO’s applied matériel.  Live electronics are manufactured exclusively with hardware kit: DCO polys, VCO monos, PCM ROMplers and a small modular are deployed for violent sonic disintegration campaigns upon nocturnal subterraneans.

Chaos awaits.

STYLE: Techno / Acid / Electro Bass
HOME CITY: New York City, NY


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