SeqCirc 9-4 • Taal Mala

Sequential Circus PodcastFor this installment of Sequential Circus, Taal Mala will be playing a live acid set with the following instruments:  Roland TB303, Roland TR606, Roland Jupiter6, Sequential Prophet 8, Korg MS10, Yamaha CS15, Novation SuperBassStation, x0xb0x, Roland TR626, Roland RE201, Roland RE150, Moog MF101 x2, Moog FreqBox, Yamaha E1005, Analogue Solutions B99, Analogue Solutions BD88, Analogue Solutions HH88, Analogue Solutions CP88, Dark Magnet 666 Echo Apparatus, Dark Magnet 10000 MIDI/CV/Gate Step Sequencer x2, Allen & Heath MixWizard, MacBookPro, Ableton Live.

STYLE: Analogue Hardware Acid
HOME CITY: Vancouver


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