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Sequential Circus PodcastOh hai, I’m Lace. I have a job as a dance music dj on saturdays in an after hours and I work in a local studio. I’ve been a dj since 1982, and an electronic musician since since 1984. I’ve never been attached to the times, and have always liked the idea of controlling machines that entertain people in a live setting. A lot of times I want to do something with machines that can’t be done, so I invent a way of doing it myself.

I started my journey into live PA In Edmonton at the end of the 80s by mixing my 808 into my live DJ sets to create my own style of live remix jamming. I’ve never been a scratcher, but I can chase lock anything and that has driven part of my career. Then I added a sampler and an atari computer and my DJ rig started to look more like a weird live studio. However cool, Edmonton didn’t get it at the time.

So, I moved to Vancouver in the early 90s, built a recording studio, released a bunch of records and CDs, and started experimenting with trying to reproduce the music I was writing in the studio into some kind of one man live band with lighting and video. I started adding live midi controlled visuals to my shows in the late 90s using custom made software and hardware, something I still do to this day.

I’m a dance music artist at heart so my shows are based on a DJ sound, but you decide how you want to enjoy my show. You can dance to it, or you can watch it like a tv show, or both if you don’t spill your drink.

STYLE: Audio/Visual House/Techno
HOME CITY: Vancouver


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