SeqCirc 9-1 • Thought Photography

Sequential Circus PodcastTaking the name from Nikola Tesla’s most intriguing invention, Thought Photography is the sound of post-rock, IDM, glitch and breakbeat thrown in a blender and turned on high!  Recently transplanted from the East Coast indie-rock scene this lifelong musician was inspired to seriously pursue electronic music after two influential events, Shambhala 2010 and Sequential Circus 8. The first introducing the transformative potential of electronic music, and the second proving it could be performed live.  Combining brainwave machines, binaural beats and isochronic tones with traditional synthesis and instrumentation, Thought Photography takes the listener on a unique journey through many styles, textures and emotions… Music for the head, the heart AND the feet.

STYLE: Psychedelic/Binaural Breakbeat/Wow and Flutter
HOME CITY: Vancouver


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