SeqCirc 8-4 • Honeey Mustard

Sequential Circus PodcastInspired by her interest in music, Elaine decided at 17 years old to venture into this industry. Early projects included producing and hosting her own local cable TV show about the dance scene in Calgary, which brought Elaine into the Calgary club scene to interview musicians and DJs (the true pioneers of the scene), and becoming the regular light technician and dj assistant at Calgary’s upscale dance club “The Banke” which hosted crowds of over 800 people on the weekends.

She was fascinated by the way the djs and music could move a crowd and began to practice the craft, eventually getting a job as a full-time resident at another busy dance club, and soon she became the resident dj at The Banke as well. In 1990 she began experimenting with more underground vinyl after being exposed to some raves and underground djs. Her interest grew in the rave scene and she began throwing parties as one half of Honeey N Nutty Ink, while also playing techno and deep jazzy house as Honeey.

There was always an even harder side wanting to get out, so eventually Honeey put away her house records and in 1993 she became a fulltime techno DJ as Honeey Mustard. In 2005, inspired by Calgary’s still-strong rave scene, Elaine decided to take things to the next level and began creating her first original music pieces in Ableton Live. Exploring ambient and techno realms in the studio and delving into drum and bass on the dancefloor at clubs like Soda took Elaine to a whole new level of inspiration and Misselaineous was born. Drum and bass melded with the soul of techno to create a new hybrid entity.

STYLE: Techno/D&B
HOME CITY: Calgary, Alberta


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