SeqCirc 7-6 • The Square Root Of Evil

Sequential Circus PodcastThe Square Root of Evil (Jen Pearson) has been surrounded by musicians her entire life. It was only natural that as soon as computers were able to keep up with her lightning fast compositional skills, she would use them to translate the thetas and gammas of her weirdo brainwaves into beats and bleeps of dance music. She’s been featured on over half a dozen compilations on US, UK & Canadian labels, and has released two EPs, “Chirping Data” out on Belladonna (now defunct), and “Killerbytes” which can be downloaded from Xynthetic. She represented Vancouver in the 2006 North American Laptop Battle Championship in Seattle after making her way to the top in her hometown, has played countless live shows in Vancouver and Europe, and will be playing Sequential Circus fresh from her set at Mutek 2010. Her work has been described as everything from IDM, Techno, 8-bit, Drum ‘n Bass, Glitch & Jungle, as the sub-sub-sub genres continue to split further & further… leaning towards frantic & somewhat complex rhythms made with crunchy low-fi sounds, making people smile while they dance.

STYLE: Chiptune/Breakcore
HOME CITY: Vancouver


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