SeqCirc 7-3 • Dark Arps

Sequential Circus PodcastBack in Canada for the first time in 19 years, Dark Arps is Jon Bierman’s latest solo project. Synths, sampled instrumental melodies, warped tonal textures and atmospheres are supported by incessantly danceable beats and infectious basslines. Constantly musical, evolving, progressing, segueing, modulating and jumping, sometimes dark, and yet also positive and upbeat without being saccharine, it’s music for the head, the heart, and most importantly, the feet. Beats, synths, atmospheres and melodies are triggered, mixed and effected on-the-fly using Ableton Live and a selection of MIDI controllers and hardware synths. Tracks evolve, break down and crescendo organically. Danceable grooves are mandatory and ever-present and no two sets are ever the same.

STYLE: Techno, Progressive House, Breaks


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