SeqCirc 6-2 • Haagen

Sequential Circus PodcastSince his unforgettable live debut at Sequential Circus 2 in 2008, Haagen has been evolving his signature high energy progressive sound by actively playing his heart out at many events over the past two years. His hypnotic shows have shaken and rocked many dance floors, and have driven the crowds into intense ecstasy. Haagen has continued to evolve his style and has been working with vocalist Theda Phoenix ( to combine her angelic ethereal vocals with his intricate and progressive live sets resulting in a breathtaking mix of techno, trance and house. For Sequential Circus 6, Haagen is preparing a new live set (Odyssey) using new performance techniques and with even more live improvisation, taking his sound to new depths and heights. Haagen’s website,, is due be launched in early 2010 and will provide you with all things Haagen. Stay tuned.

STYLE: Techno/Breaks
HOME CITY: Vancouver BC


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