SeqCirc 3-6 • noCore

Sequential Circus PodcastnoCore is an electronic music producer and livePA artist known for creating improvisational rhythmic noise music with a wide range of influences from minimal ambient music to extreme digital grindcore. In live settings, noCore relies on various hardware instruments and effects, such as a DSI Prophet 08, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Korg Electribe ES1, MFB Synth 2, Sherman Filterbank, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone, Pro Co Rat Deucetone, Boss DD-3, Boss RSD-10, Tech 21 Sans Amp TRI-AC and two Zoom TM-01′s, among other things. The performances are usually improvised on the spot and rarely repeated unless recorded.

STYLE: rhythmic/power noise, breakbeat, ambient
HOME CITY: Vancouver


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