SeqCirc 3-2 • SPARK

Sequential Circus PodcastAfter clearing dancehalls, artspaces, and record label execs out with sheer wall-of-noise breakcore and infections melodies buried beneath the fury, work-shopping the competition at international laptop battles, and releasing several seminal net releases as “Winnie The Shit” in 2005 and 2007. Dropping his latest NES masterpiece of 8-bit dubsteprockspacejamchillouts right here in 2008, Spark is set to take the stage, renewed, rejuvenated, armed with a laptop, a soul, a new version of ancient software, WindowsXP, a working screen, a gig of ram and a (somewhat) limitless supply of loops, noises, sequences, stretches and jittery dance moves. You gonna bump!

STYLE: 8bit/dubstep
HOME CITY: Vancouver


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