SeqCirc 2-5 • John Tennant and Ricardo Almeida

Sequential Circus Podcast 2John Tennant has been involved the Vancouver live PA community for the past 8 years. He’s released a few tracks on vinyl (Village, Rhythmic and Telegraph) and with the online record label Nishi. Combining forces with Ricardo Almeida in recent years, John is focused on delivering the most satisfying sound fidelity possible in a live PA performance. For SeqCirc2, John will be highlighting some recent work with generative sequencing techniques and on-the-fly audio loop layering techniques.

Ricardo Almeida has gained a reputation over the past 12 years as the dark horse of the Vancouver techno scene. A legendary recluse, it’s unknown just how far his musical influence stretches. What is known is that he’s constantly busy refining and perfecting his studio technique, securing releases with labels worldwide and remixing high profile artists. Combining forces with John Tennant, Ricardo’s live PA style is to deliver intelligent, driving, and focussed composition, tailor mixed and arranged for the club, crowd, and vibe. For SeqCirc2, Ricardo will be showing off some of his startlingly funky techniques involving a Nintendo DS, Nord Modular, JXP-3P, and microphone.

STYLE: tech house
HOME CITY: Vancouver, British Columbia


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