SeqCirc 2-3 • Transgress

Sequential Circus Podcast 2Transgress is the solo Live PA project of Peter ‘Fish’ Fisera (also of the live improvised techno band Inject, see Instead of the laptop that is commonly the heart of a Live PA setup these days, Fish uses Alesis MMT-8 hardware MIDI sequencers from circa 1989, along with a large array of both vintage and recent synths and drum machines. The result: techno, breaks, tech-trance, or downtempo; melodic and trippy, sometimes chaotic but rarely abrasive, and with an emphaasis on original synth sounds rather than the expected. Since 2002, Transgress has played in many venues and vibes, including the late night parties and smokey clubs where techno music is often found. See for more info.

STYLE: techno and breaks
HOME CITY: Vancouver, British Columbia


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